December 17, 2013

Friday Financials way way late edition

So I missed last Friday Financials as it was my lazy birthday wine drinking day :) Then I had the flu and I'm still trying to get caught up from having basically 3 days in bed.  So here's some financial updates:

  • Received a notice that our condo fee might be raised.  The insurance premiums for the condo's master plan drastically increased.  The association is meeting to discuss alternatives but they let us know an increase might be in the near future.  When we bought the condo in 2004 our monthly condo fee was $100.  Around 2005 or 2006 it increased to $110 per month and it has stayed at that amount ever since so we're probably due for an increase. But since we own 2 condo's now, I'm hoping they can come up with an alternative solution. If they raise the fee just $10 per month, it'll cost us another $240 per year.
  • I received the January bill for day care and it is only $450.  I budget $685 per month which would come out of this Friday's pay check.  So that will be some extra money we can apply to our vacation.
  • Birthday Money - I received $50 in gift cards from my dad through a website that let's me choose where I want the actual gift cards from so I need to decide.  Usually I get $25 to Barnes and Noble to purchase books for my nook that I can't get through the library.  Not sure what I'll do with the other $25.  I also received $70 in cash from grandparents.  I purchased another 3 month membership to weight watchers with my cash.  The membership was $59 but I will get $6 back through ebates.  I need to do something about this weight.  I'm heavier than I've ever been without being pregnant and I'm tired of my clothes feeling tight and uncomfortable.  

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  1. NO Christmas cookies for you! I received 3 boxes of chocolates from my dancers...... I could give them away as gifts but....