November 26, 2014

Homemade Christmas Gift: Wrapping

I'm really proud of these.  Usually my crafting ideas never turn out quite how I imagined.

Today I wrapped the Peppermint Vanilla Lotion Bars that I made yesterday.

I purchased some blank white labels at Flower Factory for $2.00 to use to label all of my homemade goodies.  I also found this ribbon on clearance for $1.75.

The wrapping is wax paper that has been in the cupboard in my kitchen for a really long time that I've never used.  On the bottom is another label that has all the ingredients listed on it.

November 25, 2014

Homemade Christmas Gift Fail: Non-greasy Lotion

I've tried this recipe twice.  I was really hoping it would work because I'm noticing a lot of the homemade lotions are a bit oily or greasy.  The first time I used an immersion blender and I just couldn't get the ingrients to blend together good.

I had enough Aloe to give it a second try.  This time I used my regular blender.  At first it came together really well and I actually liked the feeling of the lotion.  When applied to my hands it seemed a bit oily but after a few minutes it was absorbed by my skin and felt great.  Unfortunately the ingredients keep separating. I've been rotating between blending it and setting it in the refrigerator to set some more.

Then I decided to use my hand held mixer with the whisk attachment and try to get it all mixed together that way.  The ingredients still won't stay blended.  Plus I made a mess splashing oil everywhere.  I've even drained out the excess oil but more and more keeps separating.

I'm going to leave it in the refrigerator over night and see what its like in the morning.  But it definitely won't be gift worthy.

I did make 1 more batch of lip chap.  I used up the last few chap stick containers and had enough of the lip chap for two small tin containers too.  I also made another batch of lotion bars, adding more peppermint this time and a little vanilla extract.  Hopefully this covers up the play doh smell of the shea butter.  If so, I plan to melt the first batch of lotion bars again, adding more peppermint extract and then remold them.

I have to go get some more containers.  I'm going to try Flower Factory tomorrow and see what I can find. I had bought lotion bottles but since I can't get the lotion to work, I don't really have any use for them.  They will come in handy on vacation for shampoo and condition.

My plan is to try a body butter recipe and a vanilla brown sugar body scrub recipe.  I might also try a peppermint sugar scrub too.   I need 7 containers for each recipe for my gifts and I want to give a couple containers of each to my sister for making me the crochet lip gloss holders.

November 23, 2014

Our very wasteful week

With the stomach flu going through our house, we did not eat up all of the food in the fridge and I had to throw a lot away.  I feel like I just took $20 and put it in the trash can.  I did freeze some foods when I realized we wouldn't be eating them but there was still a lot I missed. When I cleaned out the refrigerator today, I found lots of containers of leftovers and foods that I cooked ahead last weekend that never got eaten.

Even after I started feeling like I was alive again, my stomach took a few days to get back to normal and I couldn't bring myself to deal with the refrigerator.

But now it's all cleaned out and I went shopping today so it's restocked.

I also cleaned the whole house really well today and disinfected all light switches and door knobs.  Hopefully we are done with being sick.  Mr. R was the only one who didn't get it.  Since he's a nurse, I sometimes wonder if he has a stronger immune system from being exposed to so much.