December 26, 2013

2014 Goals

2014 Financial Goals
1. Keep average grocery spending to $100 per week.  This will be for food only although if I pick up one or two non-food items like TP or Paper towels I'll probably include that in this $100 budget.
2.  Save a total of $12,000.  Evenly split between 3 savings accounts:

  • New car/car repair fund 
  • emergency fund 
  • vacation fund

2014 Non-Financial Goals
1. Lose 10 pounds and maintain weight.
2. Declutter - Sell or Donate 365 "things" from around the house that we don't need.


  1. I am considering dropping my food budget to $300 a mo. in 2014. We only have 3 at home now and when #2 Son goes off to college in August it will drop to just 2. Maybe I'll drop to $350 until June and then go to $300 for the last half of the year?

    $12K in savings is an awesome goal! Best of luck with that one....

    As for Non-Financial Goal #2. I think I sent about 2 thousand "things" from the house to charity just in December this year! It shouldn't be too hard for you to achieve since you have kids that are growing out of clothes and toys still.

    Do I get credit for decluttering for 2014 since I did so much in 2013? lol

  2. I think your goals sound very doable :) good luck!

  3. 12,000 dollars for a year goal!! Wow!!! It took me almost a year to save almost 3 thousand. That's pretty impressive!! I hope you make your goal. I did end up paying 6 thousand and some odd change off in debt and saved some interest. I'm currently working on my mortgage and student loans.

    1. It's a really aggressive goal for us. I know we don't have an extra $1000 lying around each month. But we also waste a lot and shop a lot. And we usually take a vacation every year anyways. So I'm hoping to really keep track of our spending, not waste extra income that comes our way and start selling off stuff we don't use. I'm not even entirely sure if saving $12,000 in 1 year is possible for us. But I'm sure going to try.

    2. We didn't take a vacation to go anywhere this year. I did take a week off of work and just hangout at home. I've done that for two years now. My husband doesn't work, and wants to go to Disney in September 2014. He has made the reservations, and I put the down payment earlier in September. It makes me nervous to have to come up with all that cash, but the kids and him really wanted to go. He does sell stuff on the internet and that seems to help bring in some income (nothing we can live off of). I've paid about 800 towards the trip and still have a ways to go. Some point in my life, I'd love to go on a cruise.

    3. Whenever I take time off and just stay home I feel like I don't get a break. There's always housework to do. Disney is so much fun with the kids, even if it is expensive. The Disney Visa has helped a lot as we will have close to $400 in Disney Dollars to use toward our Disney Tickets. I use the credit card for all my bills that I can and then keep it paid down so I've never paid any interest.
      And if you are staying at a Disney resort, they might have one of the free meal plan offers in September. Just keep watching for it.
      We took a cruise with our girls last year in January and it was the BEST vacation we have ever taken with the kids. The girls loved going to Camp Carnival. We would drop them off in the morning and have some time to ourselves. Then we'd pick them up for lunch and hang out with them until dinner. They'd have dinner with Camp Carnival so we got to eat by ourselves and then go do some of the entertainment type things before picking the girls up again. It was the perfect balance between new experiences, spending quality family time and having plenty of quality time with just me and the hubs.

  4. Looks like very good goals. I am on a mission to track and cut our grocery spending, too.

  5. I like the goals! I need to cut my grocery spending too. For two people, it is out of control.

    Lisa @ Cents To Save