September 23, 2013

My walk on the green side of life is no walk in the park

I have slipped into old habits. 
  • I use 3 or 4 little plastic baggies to pack my daughter's and husband's lunches.  I had planned to use reusable containers and baggies.  Not happening.
  • We go through around 4 - 6 cans of pop a day.  (I know its horrible.)  And we don't recycle them.  I just don't know where to take them.  Our city has a recycling program where people leave items at the curb for pick up but because I live in a condo and we can't leave stuff at the curb, we can't partake in the program.
  • I've been taking 2 showers a day.  One in the morning before work and one in the evening after putting in an hour on the bike.
  • I've bought lots of pre-packaged goodies for lunches and snacks.
  • Went back to buying cleaning spray instead of using vinegar and water.
I don't know why I've switched back to the old ways of doing some things.  It just costs me more money and is harmful on the environment. 


  1. I find myself getting lazy with the baggies, but once I run out of a package, I try not to buy any for a while - to get back into the habit. ;-) It only takes a few weeks or so, and then I'm back to my old ways.

    what kind of snacks do you like for lunches, etc? I make homemade popcorn, granola bars, breads, muffins, etc. But, after the move it was easy to get caught up in the packaging again. I'm just now starting to bake a bit.

    1. I've tried making home made granola bars using lots of different recipes but have never gotten them to come out to a consistency that we like. I love those little blue berry muffins that come in bags of 4. I know I can make my own muffins and I do a lot but I buy those little blueberry ones whenever Aldi has them. I have some zucchini puree and some pumpkin puree maybe I'll make some muffins this weekend for lunches.

  2. Do you have the reusable baggies and containers handy? If not, that just makes it harder to go the other route. Try packing the things at night if possible, so you wont be as rushed. I normally pack my lunch/snacks while cooking or cleaning up after dinner.

    Though I can't blame you. It's getting colder outside and my ability and willingness to do anything that requires work has taken a steep dive down. That's why it's important to make things as easy as possible for you. Have the empty spray cans in the kitchen, so you're more likely to refill them. Have multiple reusable containers for the snacks. If they are non perishable snacks, pack a few each day (I make 3 lunches at a time). Can't help with the recycling though. They make it near impossible around here, and even then, half the stuff doesn't get recycled because it costs too much to do so.

    1. I bought reusable sandwich bags but I don't really like them. I have tons of containers of all different sizes, I just need to use them.

  3. Call your county recycling center and ask if they know of a place that will pay you for your aluminum cans. I have to admit that I probably wouldn't sell cans if I lived in a condo because I wouldn't have a place to store them.