September 24, 2013

Selling on Ebay, I'm always surprised at what people will pay

Ever since last year when I started selling on ebay, I have been amazed at what people would pay for things.  I've sold used toys that I have bought at garage sales and thrift stores, let my kids play with them and then sold them when my children were done with them for twice what I paid for them originally.

The care bear costume I just sold for $23.50, I know I didn't pay more than $5 or $10 for it 3 years ago.  I wouldn't have spent more than that.  I bought it at a Little Lambs Closet sale on the last day when everything was half price.  Today I had a few minutes to waste until I had to head back to work after lunch, so I stopped in at a consignment store I like.  They had the same costume for only $10. 

It makes me wonder, don't people know about garage sales, thrift stores and consignment shops.  I know  some people may have trouble getting out to buy things or maybe live far out in the country and don't have any place close.  But I'm always still surprised at what sells and for how much.

I have sold more than one pair of name brand shoes that were in good condition, but not great condition.  And if my daughter's shoes are name brand, I can tell you they weren't new when she got them cause I'm not paying a ridiculous amount for a pair a shoes just because a name is on them.  Then after my daughter has worn them for a season, I sell them for twice what I paid for them.  Probably just because of the name on them.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not complaining.  I'm just always amazed when I sell something. 

On a side note, my mom bought my daughter a pair of brand new sketchers to start the school year.  I tried to talk my daughter into a cheaper pair, but my mom wanted my daughter to have what ever pair she wanted.  My daughter, who is 6, got a pair of $50 sketchers that are bright pink and glittery.  The strap on them broke within two weeks.  I've fixed them so it isn't noticeable but I can tell they are
already getting pretty worn in other places too.  These shoes aren't more than a month old.  To me, name brands don't mean anything.


  1. I sell on eBay and like you, it amazes me what people will pay! I love to hear the cha-ching go off on my phone when there is a sale.

    Lisa @ Happy Girl Thrift

  2. I read something about brand vs generics I believe yesterday. The only things I will be picky about against generics is canned tomatoes. Clothes? No way. I buy things I can afford (and let me tell you, I can afford very little!). I've been thinking I need to go Fall clothing shopping, and I am dreading it, as I will only have so much (probably 30-50 depending how nuts I think I am, if I go shopping at all!). Brands are nice. But that's the end of it. Clothes and shoes should be worn because of comfort and versatility, not just because someone slapped a brand sticker on it.

    Speaking of which, it reminded me of a photo I saw once of kids wearing all knock-off brand stuff that their parents made (like Areopostale, not a misprint, but the parents airsprayed it to look like an Aeropostale shirt without being one), and nobody could tell the difference. Made the kids realize that people don't really wear brands for the same reasons they wear clothes, but most of a show to other people... who can't tell the difference between a real and a made up shirt.

    1. What's wrong with generic canned tomatoes?