June 12, 2013

What types of Gifts to give for Father's Day

Father's Day can be expensive in our family.  I have 4 Father's to buy for:  My husband, my dad, my step-dad and my father-in-law.

This year Mr. Ripples and I decided not to spend a lot for Mother's and Father's Day.   For Mother's Day, Mr. Ripples bought me a new lunch bag that I wanted for work.  Then he took the kids out for a whole day, in which I ended up being sick anyways and got to sleep all day.  The girls made me cards and Little Ripples made me a planter at Home Depot's kids workshop.

For Father's Day, I got some cards for the girls to fill out. The Father's Day cards ask questions like:  My Dad Taught Me and then they have to fill in the blank.  It has about 10 different sentences for them to finish about their dad.  Little Ripples did a great job with her card.  Baby Ripples is a little too young.  I got these cards from oriental trading company.  I had a $5 off coupon and they were having a free shipping sale. I only spent 49 cents and got a pack of 12 of these cards so I've handed some out to family and friends for their kids to make for their dads too.

For a gift, I found some things at the dollar store that I thought Mr. Ripples would like:
Back Massager and Scalp Massager
Packs of Blank CD's and Cases (he goes through tons of these making mixed cd's, he's a music junkie)
Packs of Cashews
I also bought him another card from the girls because it perfectly described the type of father that my husband is but also because I forgot about the cards that I bought for the girls to make.  Oh well.

For my Dad, who lives very far away, I will just be sending him a card with the girl's school pictures.

For my step dad and my father-in-law, we'll be hosting a Father's Day Cookout and will probably get them each a gift card to the movies or a restaurant that I know they will like.

What types of gifts do you give for Father's Day?  Do you have any other ideas for low cost but still great gifts?


  1. An odd gift that I get for my husband is good cheese. I spend under ten bucks but I get him gourmet cheese like jalapeno cheddar. Something he would never buy otherwise
    a little odd but he likes it.

    1. Hmmmm... I'll have to try to think of some different type gift ideas for my husband. My husband likes beer and wine, maybe I should buy him some fancy kind that we wouldn't usually spend the money on. I'll have to think on that for another day when I need a gift Idea.

  2. My dad's birthday is within 3 weeks of Father's Day, so it's tricky. I had no idea what to get him for his birthday, and I have no idea what to get him for Father's Day. Well, I have some ideas which are bad and terribly expensive (like everything else I get him!), but I think I'll go the card route this time around, since my birthday card got "lost" in the mail.

    1. I quit buying my dad a gift for father's day. I do send him a card and pictures of the kids. But he lives across the country and shipping is expensive. Usually for his birthday and Christmas, I'll buy something online and try to get free shipping but since I only see him for about a week every other year and don't talk to him often I don't really know what his interests are, what to get him and what he already has. I think the card with pictures is at least a little more personal. One year I made him a photo album of things his grandkids did through out the year since he doesn't get to be here for them. It cost me $30 just to ship the album!