June 11, 2013

Father's Day Cookout

Before we decided to go camping this weekend, I had already planned to have a Father's Day Cookout at our house and already invited everyone.  Since the campground is so close to our house, I'm figuring we'll be home around 11 am anyways.  We won't be doing anything Sunday morning other than eating breakfast and packing up.  So we're still going to have the cookout at our house at 12:00.

My plan to pull of this cookout with very little prep:

Friday - Grocery shop for camping trip and cookout on lunch hour.  After Work: Make Chocolate Chip Cookies and put in refrigerator (some for camping and some for dessert on Sunday).   Clean house and pack as much as I can for camping.

Saturday - Hopefully we can get out of the house before the kids drag all their toys out and make a mess.

Sunday - Easy No Prep Cook Out Menu:

Hot Dogs and Sausages on the Grill
Chips and Dip
Macaroni Salad (store bought)
Baked Beans

Dessert - Chocolate Chip Cookies and possibly  lemon whoopee pies made from a mix that I got on clearance.  It'll depend on how much time I have.

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