February 18, 2014

Ok Parents... Get the Story Straight

Little R lost a tooth today.  Her friend got a toy from the tooth fairy last time she lost a tooth.  Little R has decided that she would like the tooth fairy to leave a toy for her now.  Not in a pushy, annoying child way.  But a cute, sweet, "Do you think the tooth fairy will leave me a toy for my tooth?  She left a toy for "friend". It's all she's been talking about this evening.  She's even gone so far as to write a nice letter to the tooth fairy and leaving it under her pillow asking if she could have a toy instead of money.

I have some new books that I bought for her and put away for Easter.  I could slip one of those under her pillow.  It only cost $.84 so technically it would save me $.16 as opposed to the dollar she usually gets.  Not sure if she'll consider a book a toy though.

Hmmm... Money or Book.

Everyone should know the tooth fairy leaves either a toothbrush, which is no fun, or money.  Quit mixing it all up for the rest of us parents!

Oh... and while I'm complaining.  Why does she always lose a tooth when Mr. R is at work.  I'm tired.  I don't need the stress of having to stay up late and sneak an icky tooth from under her pillow.  It's so nerve racking.


  1. Is she 3? Is that a little early? Sorry, I don't know these things.

  2. You can always tell her that tooth fairy left her some money to buy a toy for herself :)

  3. Give her the cash. I used to give my kids cash (only a dollar). They are only young once.

  4. I'd do cash too... things are supposed to be a certain way. You can always tell her that perhaps the toothfairy was out of money when she got to friend's pillow. Or simply that money is the standard. I dont think I'd change it out of whim... then it may become "but the Easter bunny left her a computer..."

  5. Tooth fairy left a nord that she's out of toys but if she keeps brushing good she'll try to bring a toy next timw