June 11, 2013

Taking the Kids on Their First Camping Trip

I am so excited to take the girls camping this weekend.  Mr. Ripples and I used to go camping 2 or 3 times a summer before we had kids.  The last time we went camping was when I was pregnant with Little Ripples about 6 years ago.  All of our camping gear was ruined when our basement flooded with sewage 2 years ago so we're starting out with nothing for this trip.

I found a 4 person tent at Aldi 2 weeks ago for $29.99.  Eventually I want to get a really nice two room tent but that will have to be something we save up for.  We have a large cooler already so we will be packing lots of food and drinks.  We'll be packing tons of blankets and pillows since I didn't want to spend the money on an air mattress for this trip.  We'll only be camping for one night but we can check in at 11 am on Saturday.  The campground is only about 25 minutes from our house.

I'm going to pack sandwiches, chips and grapes for lunch.  We'll be borrowing my sister's campfire skewers to make hot dogs for dinner and S'mores for dessert.  I would prefer just to bring muffins for breakfast but I know Mr. Ripple's will want a "real" breakfast.  The campground has a pancake and sausage breakfast that we can buy and since it's father's day, Mr. Ripples can eat free.

Camping Budget:
Campsite: $37
Firewood: $15
Swimming: Free
Fishing: Free
Breakfast: $20

Total: $72

Other Possible Expense: Miniature Golf - $20

I'm hoping to avoid miniature golf since we will be able to swim and fish for free.  Plus we'll be taking our Frisbee, a badminton set, baseball and bat, and a big Styrofoam airplane thing I found at the dollar store.  But I also don't want to be so strict about not spending money that we miss out on some fun.  So we'll see how it goes and if everyone else wants to play mini golf, we probably will.


  1. Don't forget bug spray and sunscreen. Also, can you bring your own firewood in? Excluding parks, you can usually buy a lot for $15. We always wait until dark and go get dead trees. You're not supposed to do that but we do. Also, remember to bring a big water jug. A tarp can come in handy if you have one. And remember that you can always sleep in the car if its really bad (I've done that). Have fun!

    1. I'll Have To Check OnThe Firewood. I Just Guessed At $15.