June 16, 2013

Weekend Review: Camping and Cookout

We had a great time camping.  We swam.  Little Ripples got to go fishing while Baby Ripples and I took a nap in the tent. The girls got to go for a pony ride.  We played pool and air hockey in the game room and then we played Frisbee and badminton outside.  Cooked hot dogs and marshmallows on the grill and made smores.

It rained lightly in the evening when we were trying to build a campfire but Mr. Ripples was able to keep the fire going.  The campground also had a dj so we went to that for about an hour.  Mr. Ripples did Karoake and sang Queen's We Will Rock You and We Are the Champions and we all danced and had a great time.

This is how the budget went:
Food: $25
Campground: $37
Wood: $8.50
Pony Rides: $2
Game Room: $5
McDonald's Breakfast: $14
Total: $86.50

We woke up this morning to down pouring rain.  We had planned on playing mini golf and having breakfast before we left the campground but since it was raining so hard we weren't able to.  The first time the rain slowed down, we packed everything up as quickly as possible and left.  We picked up McDonald's and were home by 8:15 this morning so we all took a long nap.

Then we had our Father's Day cookout.  Since the weather wasn't good, I just boiled the hot dogs, brats, and sausages on the stove.  I served macaroni salad, baked beans, chips and dip and I even ended up getting an ice cream cake for dessert.  It was a super easy cookout, or cook in I guess, didn't require much work.  Even though we have a small house, I still like to have everyone over here.  Most holidays we go to my parents and my husbands parents for a big meal, so it was nice to be able to do all the work for them for a change.  Even though I didn't actually make much of anything.

Oh and here's a picture of my girls in the tent watching Tangled on our portable DVD player while Mr. Ripples and I enjoyed sitting by the fire.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. Pretty affordable too! Love the photo of the girls. Tangled is a great movie.

  2. Sounds like a successful camping trip 😊