June 16, 2013

Being Self Conscious

I've always struggled with being self conscious.  Lately I've noticed that I am less and less so.  Maybe its just because I'm getting older and care less and less what others think.  It's one thing that I've always struggled with and so I try to teach my girls not to be.  I want them to be independent and happy and not concerned with others' opinions of them.

So when we were camping yesterday, the campground had a DJ in the evening and was doing karaoke.  I personally can't sing and would never get up to try to.  But Mr. Ripples has a great voice.  So I encouraged him to go up and sing since the girls have never seen him get up on stage and sing before.  He sang Queen's We Will Rock You (One of the girls favorites) and then sang We Are The Champions.  Little Ripples was so proud that her dad was up on stage singing in front of everyone.

Little Ripple's didn't want to get up and dance last night.  I personally love dancing and as soon as we got there Baby Ripples and I were up doing the Cupid Shuffle.  The DJ played a lot of fun songs for kids: chicken dance, hokey pokey, etc.  It took a long time to get little Ripple's up there dancing but once she did she had a blast.

I tried to tell her what my mom always told me when we were on vacation: "You'll never see these people again."  To which she replied. "What about at breakfast?"  Huh. She got me there.

Then my husband told her something that I think was perfect and I will try to always remember it when I start to not do something because I'm feeling too self conscious: "Don't worry about what these other people think, because people that don't worry about what other people think of them have more fun."

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  1. Wise words! When I was told the whole "you'll never see these people again", I thought I had just heard the answer to all of my questions at work. It makes working in the service industry SO much easier and pleasant!