August 19, 2014

Pool Party Updates

This weekend is the girls' Pool Party.  There birthdays are exactly 1 month apart so I throw them a big joint party half way between there birthdays for all of our extended family and friends.

These were my planned expenses and budget from a few months ago and here is my new budget:
Cost of Location: $0 - Grandma's House

Guest List: Planning on having about 35 guests.

Estimated Food Budget: $100, Adjusted Food Budget - $50
Previous Plan: I'm planning on easy no fuss foods. Hot dogs in the crock pot, chips and dip, baked beans, fresh fruit tray and dip, and cupcakes.  Maybe ice cream, not sure if I'll mess with that.  Juice boxes for the kids and pop or bottled water for the adults.

New Plan: 

  • Hot Dogs in Crock Pot
  • Coney Sauce in small Crock Pot 
  • Mustard, Ketchup, Onions, Relish for toppings (Have plenty of onions and relish, only need to purchase more mustard and ketchup.)
  • Baked Beans in Crock Pot (bought large cans on clearance for only $.99 each.)
  • Chips and Dip
My Mom volunteered to handle the drinks  and a friend is buying the cakes as the girls' gifts, an Elsa cake for Big R and an Ana cake for Little R so I don't have to worry about those.

Entertainment, Decorations and Favors: Original PlanThis is easy since the kids will be mostly swimming.  I bought a pack of water balloons ($1.40) that I plan to have filled before the party and 2 pink flaming inflatables ($1.79 each) that will go in the pool.  Someone gave the girls an inflatable alligator each that we never blew up so those will be thrown in the pool too.   I may try to find some beach balls and/or water guns on sale to have on hand.

I purchased 16 jumbo sun erasers on clearance back in December for only $2.98. Balloons filled with helium tied to the erasers as weights will double as decorations and then each child can take a balloon and eraser home.

New Plan: I ended up purchasing brown paper bags for favor bags and I bought cookies, candy, small toys, play dough to put in them for favors.  Along with the sun erasers I already purchased.

I also purchased 4 beach balls, 2 blow up pink flamingos along with the 2 blow up alligators to put in the pool.  And we'll have plenty of water balloons too.

Total Estimated Cost: $20.00, Actual $ Spent: $20

Misc: Paper plates, plastic ware, knapkins, cups, table cloths, ice, etc. Estimated Cost: $30, Actual Spent: $10 (I don't need to worry about cups or ice since my mom is handling thoughs.  I did purchase plates, knapkins, etc at the dollar store.)

Total Cost of Party: $150, Actual Spent: $80 (or less depending on the cost of hot dogs, buns and chips and dip.


  1. I think that is awesome for a dual birthday party! Way to go!

  2. Wow, you did really good at keeping costs down. I usually go way over my budget. I think I should have you organize my next party!