August 19, 2014

3 Paycheck Month Plans

So it's finally our 3 paycheck month.  Mr. R and I both have an extra paycheck next friday.  Here are some of the plans for that check:
  • $180 Mr R. Spending Money
  • $156 My spending money  (We each get extra on the third paycheck and use it for Christmas Gifts for each other.  I already spent some of mine on myself though.)
  • $220 Groceries
  • $100 Gas
  • $50 Food for the girls birthday party.  The party is actually this weekend.  I'll pay for it now out of savings and pay it back on pay day.  
  • $100 Gymnastics
  • $900 Christmas Gifts (we have a big family)
  • $50 Tags for my car
  • ?? Savings 
  • ?? Pay off any balance on credit card
  • ?? Big R's School Fees (I think these were around $50 last year.)
  • $15 Big R's lunch account - She's allowed to buy once a week if she wants.
I'm hoping to be able to add a nice chunk towards our savings challenge.

1 comment:

  1. Hurray for 3 check months! Mine was in August as well, but I had the brilliant idea of pre-planning it, so it doesnt even feel like a bonus anymore. Glad that you can catch up with your spending money funds.