August 16, 2015


Little R chose to have a Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party this year.  Because her birthday is pretty close to the beginning of the school year, I gave her a choice of having her party a couple weeks early with her preschool friends or a couple weeks later with her new kindergarten friends.

She chose preschool friends.  I put invitations in each of the kids mailboxes in her class 3 1/2 weeks before the party.  I was worried I handed them out too early but its the end of Summer and the party is the day before kindergarten starts so I wanted to let everyone have plenty of notice.  Only 2 parents out of about 15 responded and they both said they already had family events planned for that day.

So on Thursday, Little R's last day of preschool, I put invitations back in the mailboxes with a note "Just a friendly party reminder, please RSVP by August 19 if you plan to attend."  I provided my cell phone and email address for RSVPs.  I received 1 invitation back in her mail box with a note saying they couldn't come.

It's so frustrating.  If only 1 or 2 kids RSVP that they can come, I'll still have the party.  Little R is so excited to have her school friends come.  It's the first time I've ever let her have a party with her friends from school.

If I don't get a response by Wednesday, I plan on cancelling the party and rescheduling it for a couple weeks after school starts, inviting her kindergarten class.


  1. Oh, dear. Sorry you are experiencing this. Frankly, I find that kid parties are ridiculous. I refuse to participate in the craziness. Feelings always get hurt, either kids' or parents. Plus, there's just too much stimulation, so kids get overwhelmed and cranky. I did allow my kids to attend, but made it clear we would not be hosting any. I always felt these parties were more for the attempt to secure social status for their kids...I don't know. I just loathe them! So sorry you are in limbo on this with the R.S.V.P.'s. Best wishes.

    1. I love throwing parties for my girls but usually limit it to 2 or close friends. That way I know the parents and can just call them and ask if they are coming. This is the first time I've invited the whole class and it's a pain. Luckily I started hearing back from a couple parents now so I know We will have at least a few guests show up.

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    5. Well, that another thing: If you send the invitations via school, to model proper behavior, you have to invite everybody (or,at least all the same gender) in the class. Nothing nastier than talking bout an upcoming party to those who were not invited. And, the nasty, pre-schooler "You can't come to my party/I'm not going to your party!" garbage. Plus, these parties cost $$. Arrrgh. We have dinner, cake, and presents at home. For Dd's 12th, I had 3 gift cards for manicures, given to me by students. I allowed her to invite 2 friends, to use them, then had her treat them to Italian sodas. I warned her that if word got out that this was her party, and feelings got hurt, the deal was off. Well, the parents did find out, and we're amazing cool with my idea...and didn't even (at least to my face) find fault withthe registering of the gift cards.I also hate making people feel obligated to give a gift. Bleah.
      I must be old fashioned, but so be it. Best of luck.

  2. I am always amazed that grown adults don't RSVP! This happened at my kids parties and family parties we have had. I can see if someone does not like using the telephone to reply, but with email and text there is no excuse. I always feel so bad for my children when this happens. I worry that no one will show, then usually a bunch of people who didn't RSVP end up coming unannounced!