March 14, 2016

When did you realize you weren't the cool girl...

I know I haven't written in a while.  I've been living life.   I actually thought about giving up this blog until I realized that I needed it.

I got a better job for 6 months.  Then a client offered me an even better job last week.  In a month, I start the job that was the job of my dreams.  I never would have gotten it if I hadn't worked there for the past 6 months as a consultant.  I suck at interviews.  But I am an amazing employee and I know that.  Now people expect money for nothing, but I will work my ass off.  I'm grateful for this opportunity to show my worth and that I can be invaluable to this company.

So tonight, I get home from work feeling great.  Going to get a pedicure with a gift certificate from Christmas before our 9-night spring break vacation. 

And my kids are at our neighbors' house.  Our tenants.  They are wonderful.  We haven't raised the rent since they moved in 3 years ago.  But apparently, because we aren't sociable, other owners are telling them they should buy whenever condos becomes available.  Because we can't possible be nice people even though they never made an attempt to know us.  Just assumed because we aren't as outgoing as some of the others.

So whatever.  We put in a $9,000 HVAC system for our neighbors because their electric bills were so high.  We haven't even made that much in rent, yet after the expenses, in three years.  Because I love having them as tenants and I understand that would be a huge reason that they would want to leave. So I'm willing to do that.

It just frustrates me.  Will I ever get out of high school?   Will this popularity contest ever be over?  Because I will never win.


  1. Great work on the new job! You can live life and blog. I miss your blog posts :(

  2. I wish you were my daughter's landlord. When the dishwasher handle broke, the landlord refused to fix it. When my daughter's washing machine kept running water and flooded one room of the landlord downstairs, my daughter was forbidden to use her washing machine. The landlord got a new computer, new mattress and bed...all bedroom furniture and carpet were ruined. I say the landlord profited on that one. The landlord and her husband always poor mouth and my daughter feel sorry for them.