December 16, 2013

December Grocery Challenge Update 3 and misc. food talk

I stopped at Acme today on my lunch hour.  I had $20 left in the food budget for this week and a $10 grocery coupon.  I spent $23.98, so I went $4 over.  Not too bad.  I'm taking the $4 out of next weeks money. So instead of having $100 next week I'll have $96.  That should keep me on track for only spending $400 for December.

One reason I went slightly over was I forgot it was Little Ripples Day to bring snack tomorrow at school.  I had decided to buy a small fruit salad for $2.99 and some Mickey Mouse shaped cheese but the fruit salad was mostly cantaloupe and honey doo.  There was like 1 grape and a third of a strawberry in the container.  And I couldn't find the Disney Cheese.  Maybe they don't make it anymore but I know I saw it before.

I wandered around and couldn't think of anything semi-healthy and already prepared so I wouldn't have to do anything.  So I grabbed some Danimals Yogurt Smoothies ($2.99) and a bag on mini glazed donuts ($1.99).  Yep... some how I went from fruit salad to donuts.  Oh well... It's their Christmas celebration week so they get a special snack every day this week.

I have $196 to last me until January 3rd to complete my challenge.  Next weeks groceries shouldn't be too bad.  I haven't had a chance to make anything I planned to yet this week.  Saturday I had the flu.  Sunday was my birthday dinner but because we had to change nights, since I had the flu, it was just my family and my parents.  No extra siblings or grandparents.  Which left me with LOTS of leftover lasagne to take home which we had for dinner tonight and we'll probably have for lunches tomorrow.

Mmmmm.... lasagne.  I could totally go for another piece.  Does lasagne count as a bed time snack?


  1. I sent my daughter with popcorn for her preschool class for a snack. I saw the note at 9 the night before she was supposed to bring a snack and we didn't have anything else.

    1. That's actually a good idea. I never thought of popcorn. I could put it in little baggies with ribbon to tie them shut. I'd look like I was one of those fancy crafty moms instead of the tired working lazy mom that I am. I'll have to try to remember that idea for next time.