December 19, 2013

Finishing up Christmas Shopping, to-dos and a Free Ham

I stopped at Kmart yesterday on my lunch hour to try to finish up Christmas Shopping.  This is what I bought:

  • $3 candy for stockings
  • $8.50 Super Grover Doll (My grandma gave me $20 for each daughter for Christmas Shopping and I hadn't found anything for Little Ripples yet.  This doll was originally $30 and its really cute and I thought Little Ripples would think it was fun.  I thought it was going to be $12.50 on Clearance but it only rang up at $8.50.  The rest of the money from my grandma is going to go into her savings account.)
  • $25 restaurant gift card for my parents
  • Hello Kitty Ornament and Disney Princess Ornament - We give the girls each an ornament every Christmas
  • $3 - special wrapping paper for Santa to wrap his gifts in
The only 2 gifts left that we need to buy is something for my husband's Grandma. He's going to pick up some sugar free cookies or candy for her and take the girls to visit her tonight.  And then my brother-in-law's birthday is right after Christmas so I still need to get him a gift.  I've budgeted $15 for each of them.

My husband's work always gives us a free ham for Christmas.  They gave us a 5 1/2 pound boneless spiral cut ham.  Yummy!  

Couple last minute Christmas to-dos.  
  • Need to mail Christmas cards with money to a couple nephews that we might not see for Christmas.  Plan on doing that right now before I go back to work.  
  • Wrapping - I haven't had a chance to wrap any of the girls gifts.  I already told the hubby that he and the girls are kicked out tonight and better find something to do so I can work on wrapping.  He's going to take them for a visit with their great-grandma and then they might go back to some of the really cool Christmas Lights displays that are around here.