June 29, 2014

Help! Need food ideas for the hospital...

I've mentioned before how I have a friend who is very, very sick.  They moved her to a farther away hospital because the hospital she was at said they couldn't do the surgery she needed.  Just when she thought she would be able to get surgery in the next day or two, she had a major set back.  It's not looking good at all.

Her family is under a lot of stress.  My friend is only 38.  Her dad doesn't work because he's been taking care of her.  Her mom hasn't been able to work for the last week or more since they've been at the hospital with their daughter.  Money is beyond tight for them.

My mom and I gave them a Giant Eagle gift card last week so they could purchase food or gas.  Then my mom took them a subway gift card so they could buy some food.  Turns out the hospital subway won't accept gift cards.  So stupid.  I'm going to try to visit them tonight as my friend is asking to see me.  I think she is ready to let go.  She's been fighting for her life for so long and is in so much pain.

So, I need some ideas of things I can take her parents to eat and drink at the hospital but that don't require refrigeration.  I know the room she is in now is tiny. I don't want to just give them money because the cost of the food at this hospital is really expensive.  I figure I can provide a lot more food for them if I buy it at Aldi and take it to them.

I'm thinking stuff like chips, fruit, crackers, etc.  But I can't think of any meal foods that don't require refrigeration.  Maybe I could take a small cooler and buy some lunch meat and cheese for them to make sandwiches.  Any ideas?


  1. I'm so so sorry about your friend!

    I don't know if it helps but I have an insulated bag (I think, there are about $5 at Walmart),and it works wonders to keep food cool for a few hours and easy to transport. Then you can, maybe, take them sandwiches, sliced veggies, baby carrots. Or a small cooler is definitely a good idea too!

  2. Working in the hospital, it's sad to watch loved ones and patient's suffer. I hope your friend has adequate pain control and gets to spend the time sehas with her family and friends. Foods to bring: crackers and peanut butter, individual containers of dressing to dip the veggies, some fruit, and in a pinch, peanut butter and jelly.

  3. So sorry to hear about your friend. It's really tough. I'd say some fruits (apples, pears) and maybe pre-made sandwiches or subs (condiments on the side or in packets). That way, they will last a long time without needing to be refrigerated. I too second the cooler part... just buy some of those $1 cooler gel packs or make your own (ziplock bag of water and dish detergent, frozen), and that should keep most foods cool for an adequate period of time.

    1. I've never heard of using dish detergent to make my own freezer packs. Does that make them stay frozen longer?

  4. Thanks for the ideas everyone! I ended up getting roast beef and chicken lunch meat and sliced cheese that I put in an old small lunch bag. I put bags of ice under and on top of them. Then I took a bag with grapes, bananas, hoagie buns, mustard, chocolate chip cookies, nutrigrain bars, and pretzels. For under $20, they should have enough for about 8 meals. They'll be sick of sandwiches by then but at least they won't have to keep buying food.