March 29, 2013

Aldi Shopping Trip

Whooo! I'm tired.  I had 55 minutes to drive to aldi, shop and get home before my husband had to go to work.  But I did it and had the groceries put a way before he left.  Now, I'm tired.

I did really good this trip.  I tried to stick to my list but I did get some extra deals.  They had a whole bunch of different kinds of cereal marked down.  Kinds they don't usually have, so I bought 5 boxes.  They also had Chocolate covered coffee beans for $2.99.  I have no idea if that's a good price for the amount I got, but I do know my step dad really likes them and his birthday is coming up.  Aldi didn't have any of the large party lasagnas this week so I decided I'm going to make real home cooked lasagna which I haven't done in years, so I bought enough ingredients to make 2 so we'll have extra.  I don't usually buy much produce at aldi because I feel like it goes bad quickly, but their strawberries looked really good so I bought some and some whip cream for the girls and I to have a treat tonight.
Oh, and I picked up some extra easter candy to put in the plastic eggs.

All together, I spent $129.37.  Which is one of the best Aldi's trips I've had in a while.  Usually I spend closer to $180 every 2 weeks.  So either I forgot alot of stuff or it could be that I've been stocking up on good deals lately and since we don't have much storage space, we had a lot of stuff already on hand that we need to use up.

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