March 29, 2013

How I Meal Plan and stick to a grocery budget Part 3

As I've mentioned before, every other week I do a large shopping trip to Aldi's, then once a week I go to a local grocery store for produce, loss leaders and anything else I need that I can't get at Aldi. 

Meat: Spiral Ham, bologna

Produce: Carrots, Onion, Celery, blueberries

Canned Goods: Pineapple chunks

Frozen Foods: Party Lasagna, Turkey Meatballs, bagel pizzas

Misc. Grocery: 2 Garlic Breads, Brown Rice, 3 bags chips, 3x flour tortillas, english muffins, bread, crackers, Apple Juice, 2x 12 packs diet soda, bagels, 2x cereal, olive oil cooking spray, sugar, pickles

Household Items:  Paper plates, plasticware, Disinfecting wipes,

Dairy: 3x Eggs, shredded cheddar, 12 yogurt cups, spreadable cheese wedges, 3x egg substitute, 2x organic milk, gallon skim milk

**Anything else I find at Aldi in the clearance or marked down section that I know we will use, I'll go ahead and buy.  And if its a great deal, I'll buy a few.  Then I work those ingredients into the next two weeks meal plans, which is why it doesn't seem like I'm buying a whole lot for 2 weeks worth of meals.  I've gotten some really good deals and have a lot already on hand.

Local Grocery Store
Strawberries - $1.88
Pepsi 12 packs - 3 for $10
Frozen Chicken - $5.97
Deli - 1/2 pound ham, 1/2 pound turkey
Fat free sourcream - $1.50
Spray butter
Fat Free Cheese Slices
Lean Pockets - $1.67
V8 Fusion $2.50
Cake mix and Icing $1 each x 4
FC 2 liters $.79
Green Peppers $.79
Apples $1.59/lb

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