January 3, 2016

New Year's Resolution... Read Less

Yes, you read that right.  My New Year's Resolution is to read less.  I'm addicted to reading.  I love getting lost in a story.  Problem is... I can't put the books down once I start.  It isn't out of the norm for me to read 4 books or more per week.  I'm an extremely fast reader.  I do more of a skim read so that's part of the reason I can read so many books.  The other reason is that I just spend a lot of time reading.

What's wrong with reading so much?  I'm lazy.  Three hours on the couch can fly by like it's nothing when I'm lost in a book.  I say I'm so busy that I don't have time to blog, don't work out as much as I should, don't get as much done around the house as I would like.  Imagine all the things I could get done if I didn't spend so much time reading.

I'm not sure how to go about reading less though.  Limit myself to two books per week?  Or only let myself read 1 hour each evening?  Maybe make a list of all the things I want to accomplish and not let myself read until I've worked on 1 item off my list?

On a side note: I just read Bad Girls Don't Die by Katie Alender.   It's about a haunted house, a possession, highschool stereotypical cliques, and the one girl that feels like she doesn't fit in anywhere.  As a YA book, it was pretty good.  Not overly scary, pretty easy read, and a mystery to be solved.

I didn't realize it was part of a series until I just happened to look it up.  So now I have to read the 2nd book.  I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. I'm a very fast & voracious reader as well, and can finish 10+ books on a vacation. However, I only let myself read when I've accomplished everything on my to do list, or for 15 minutes before bed. That's howI keep things in check. ;-)

  2. Ha! This is so funny! I am the same way only I take longer to read, one word missed can make a huge difference. I guess that's worse! I cannot put a book down sometimes, even when I should be getting dinner ready or cleaning the house ... or doing laundry. Some people complain about needing to stay off social media and cruising the internet. I've never heard anyone else say they need to read less like me :)