June 29, 2015

The Girls' Birthday Gifts

My daughters' birthdays are coming up.  Big R's is August 4th and Little R's is September 4th.  I went through the gift closet this morning to evaluate what all I have purchased for them.  Since I buy gifts on clearance in advance, I sometimes have to remind myself everything that I have purchased.

I don't think we need to buy anything else for Big R.

From the Gift Closet:

2 sets of pajamas and a Monster High Robe - $3 each, Littlest Pet Shop Set - $4.99
My Little Pony Tattoo Pens and Share or Scare Game (don't remember exact
price but I know both were less than $5 each on clearance), pop bottle lip glosses-
$.80 each on clearance
Estimated Total - $25.60
Big R's Other Gifts:
She's been asking for a kitchen for her American Girls Doll that Target sells. It was originally $65 but I happened to see it on sale a few weeks ago for BOGO 40% Off.  So I picked up the kitchen for her and a nice closet for Little R. I also picked up 2 Our Generation Doll outfits with matching books on sale for $12.99 each plus BOGO 40% Off, one for each of the girls.  Kitchen = $52 after sale price, book + outfit = $10.40.  All together, we spent around $94 including tax on 9 gifts for Big R's birthday.  Not bad!

Little R's Gifts from the Gift Closet: 

2 New dresses for Kindergarten and a pair of pajamas - $3 each

And for her Our Generation Doll:
Closet - $52 on sale  + she'll get an outfit with matching book - $10.40

Not sure what else we'll get Little R.  She loves to dress up and she's definitely a shoes girl.  We just had to get rid of her sparkly pair of shoes that were worn out so I might try to find some new sparkly, glitter shoes for her either on clearance or at the resale shop. 

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  1. Sounds like you have most everything for the birthdays covered already. Time to start hunting down the next Holiday gifts for them. lolz