June 28, 2015

Frugal Things This Weekend

  1. Cleaned out junk drawer, stock pile shelf and shred pile
    • Found screen protectors for cell phones.  Mr. R needed a new one and purchased one but it didn't fit.  We had 3 extra in the drawer this whole time from when we first purchased the phones.
    • Stock Pile Shelf in Linen Closet
    • Now I can actually see all the toiletries that we already have on hand.
    • Looking for a missing ebates check that I received a few weeks ago that no one knows what happened to it.  I thought maybe it got put in the shred box as a mistake.  Unfortunately, I didn't find it.  But I did get everything shredded that was in the box so that's good.
  2. Cheap Entertainment - Movie Night
    • Found a Coupon Code online for a Free red box rental.  Rented Gone Girl, pretty good movie.  Book was blah.  I tried to read it and just couldn't do it.
    • Mr. R also rented Night at the Museum for us to watch with the girls plus 3 additional kids movies that he got from the free section at Family Video.
  3. Cheap Entertainment 2 - Drive Ins
    • The drive-in theater, about 30 minutes from our house, is showing a double feature - Inside Out and Pitch Perfect 2.  Cost is $6 per adult, Big R is $2 and Little R is free. We'll take a cooler with drinks plus a few snacks but usually end up purchasing popcorn there.  If we go tonight, we'll only stay for the first Movie since Mr. R doesn't want to sit through the second movie.  We'll show up early for a good parking space, take a Frisbee and ball to throw around before the movie starts and since the movie doesn't start until its dark out, it will definitely be a late night.  I have an interview tomorrow so not sure if I want to be out that late so I might not go along.  Probably will just be Mr. R and the girls.
  4. Baking Cookies for Desserts this week instead of buying something - 
    • Mr. R did the grocery shopping and bought Popsicles for dessert this week for the girls. We needed something that Big R can pack in her lunch this week for the days she is at summer camp.  I had a few boxes of Red and Green colored cake mix that I bought on clearance after Christmas and a container of pink icing I bought on clearance after Valentines Day.  I found a recipe online using a box of cake mix, 1/2 cup butter and 2 eggs to make cookies.  I made 2 batches.  Most of the cookies, I let the girls decorate; some of the cookies I just coated in powder sugar instead of icing.  They turned out really good.

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