June 30, 2015

Another interview down....

Not sure how I did.  I think it went OK. But of course they have interviews all these week and next.

I am lucky to still have my job when so many people at my work have lost theirs.  I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to be searching for a job right now if I was out of work.

I feel like I'm viewed as under-qualified or over-qualified for each job that I have interviewed for. Blah... I'm about to take a break from the job hunt again.  I spend hours searching for jobs and applying for them.  I am wasting all my vacation time to go on these interviews and spending hours researching the companies to prepare for the interviews and it hasn't gotten me anywhere.

I guess I'm having a pity party today for myself.  I just found out yesterday that a job I really really wanted picked someone else. I took two mornings off to interview for this position.  I was told they would probably do 3 rounds of interviews.  It took 2 emails from me to find out they filled the position.  How inconsiderate.  I'm wasting my vacation time to come talk to you and you can't even bother to tell me when the position was filled?

Sigh... I'll be better tomorrow.  End Rant.

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