June 19, 2015

10 pounds and a few hundred $'s later

My dad and his wife came to visit this week.  They arrived last Friday evening and just left today.

Our week was very expensive and included lots and lots of food.  We out out at least once per day, sometimes twice.  And the meals that we didn't eat out, we had at my sister's house since her house is bigger.  So I was cooking, providing wine, snacks and desserts to help out with the cost of the food for her.  But we had a great time.  And even though everyday called for rain, we really lucked out and were able to do lots of outdoor activities.

I just ran through the grocery store and didn't have a list planned.  When I put the groceries away, I realized I way over bought lots of items that we already had plenty of.

I'm going to try to talk Mr. R into do a pantry/freezer challenge but I don't think he'll go for it. He's one of those types that if we are missing one ingredient for something he wants to eat like sour cream for nacho's or burritos, then he doesn't want them.  There's really no doing without or substituting when it comes to food for him.

My plan for this weekend is to get caught up with the cleaning and to be lazy.  I don't plan on leaving my house until Monday morning for work.

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