February 13, 2015

Financial Updates - Another New Car

We had planned on buying out Mr. R's lease.  Or maybe it was just my plan.  But Mr. R's Dad called with a good lease deal and he really wanted to go for it.  So he traded in his old lease and now has a 2015 Chevy Cruise.  Payment is $213 per month. His last lease payment was $205 so it's $8 more per month.  He still has to add it to our Insurance.  It will be nice if it drops our rate even more.

All the extra money that I had planned to put towards paying off his car will now go to my car to get it paid off quicker.

A couple of expensive bills have come in this week.  I was able to pay both of these in full but that didn't leave me any money to add to our Emergency Fund this week.

  • Little R had to have a spacer replaced - $150
  • Received a bill for $246.42 from a specialist Mr. R had to go to
Other savings:
  • Added $40 to Big R's account
  • Rolled $14 in change to add to our Vacation Fund
  • Put $100 in the Home Repair Fund

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