January 3, 2015

Holding on to the Motivation

It's only the 3rd day of January so I'm still pumped up to meet all my goals this year.  I love reading everyone else's goals for the year, it helps to keep the motivation going.  Hopefully this motivation lasts.  

Today was a good day working toward meeting my goals.  
  • I took Little R to bumper bowling league. Big R unfortunately had a fever and couldn't go.  Little R loved having all my attention at bowling and since it was so cold I got her a hot chocolate as an extra special treat with her donut.  Since Little R. loves going out without her older sister, she asked if we could stop somewhere after bowling instead of going straight home.  
  • So we headed to the post office to get some flat rate boxes and then stopped at the Goodwill store by our house.  I found a pair of size 10 Justice jeans that looked in really good condition, they just need to be washed.  They were 50% off and cost me $2.  The plan is to list them on eBay for $12 with free shipping.  Profit wise, it's not the greatest find.  I knew Justice is an expensive brand but wasn't sure about the resale value when I purchased the jeans.
  • The afternoon was spent cleaning out the girls' closet.  3 bags of clothes are now set aside to go to the consignment shop.
  • I also went through a container of Big R's outgrown clothes and found a lot of items that Little R should be able to fit into now.
  • Listed 9 items on eBay.  I have 3 more set aside to list but those will be left for another day.  Maybe tomorrow.
  • Made a triple batch of pizza dough.  Froze 2 dough balls for later use and made 4 pizzas today.  Two pepperoni and cheese and two Mexican Pizzas.  Mr. R took the rest of the pepperoni pizza to work but we still have lots of Mexican Pizza left.  I think they turned out amazing but everyone else liked the pepperoni pizza better.
    • Mexican Pizza  - I used home made pizza dough and added a thin layer of each - black beans (from freezer), sour cream mixed with taco seasoning, salsa, and cheddar cheese.  After it was baked, I added sliced up black olives and used extra sour cream/taco seasoning mixture to dip it in.  Mmmmm... I might have to have a piece for a bed time snack.
  • Worked out with my new EA Active 2 for the Wii.  A friend let me borrow the original EA Active a while back and I really liked it so with some of my birthday money I bought the 2nd version for only $14 off of Amazon.  It got lost in the mail though and I just received it yesterday.  It's a fun work out.
Now I'm off to relax and do some reading while the girls watch a movie.

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