January 2, 2015

2015 Friday Financials

When I was figuring out our Financial goals for 2015, I forgot to add the $120 per month we send to our IRAs each month into the budget.  Most of our retirement savings is in our 401k's but we put some each month into IRA's also.  This just means that our goal to save $5,000 this year out of our regular income will just be a little bit more of a stretch.  I plan to still make it though.

Regular Income:

  • Went grocery shopping today.  There were some really great deals on marked down food so I stocked up.  And Chicken Breasts were $1.79 per pound packed in packages of about 5 pounds each.  We eat a lot of chicken so I bought 3 packs.  Spent $145 out of our $220 biweekly food budget leaving just $75 until next payday.  But we have lots of food now and our freezer is stuffed so we should make it.
  • Added $40 to Big R's savings.  (Little R's savings will come out of next pay check.)
  • Water bill came in $9 under budget for our condo so that $9 will be added to our savings goals
  • The Investment Condo's water bill came in $14 under budget so that extra will be added to the home repair fund.
  • Total deposited into Savings towards our $5,000 goal is $84. (A larger portion of our income goes to bills on the first pay of every month.  We should be able to save more next pay day.)
Holiday Pay:

$195 added to our vacation fund.  We only need to save $106 to have our February vacation completely paid for including spending money. I know I'll be receiving a nice commission check next pay for an extra project I worked on at work that should more than cover this.

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