January 1, 2015

Organizing to quit wasting money.

Mr. R put all the Christmas decorations away today.  He got me motivated to get some stuff done too.

  • Went through the cupboards, fridge and freezer.  Organized and noted down what we had.  Now I can go grocery shopping tomorrow and know exactly what I need.
  • Cleaned out the cupboard that holds all our seasonings and medicines.  I found so many items that I've had to repurchase recently just because I couldn't find them.  It's all now organized and I know where everything is..  First shelf is all of our cooking seasonings and spices.  Middle shelf contains our supplements and prescriptions that we take daily.  And top shelf holds cold medicines band aids, etc. I threw A LOT of expired medicines away.  
  • Cleaned out and organized the junk drawer.
I'm motivated to keep organizing as I'm tired of not being able to find things.  We have a small house and don't need to hold onto so much.

I spent the rest of the day sleeping.  Tomorrow it's back to work.


  1. We must be in the same page. I organized our pantry so I know exactly what we have. I have also organized and purged my kids toys. It feels good to be organized.

  2. Whenever I toss expired medications I always say a quick prayer. "Thank you Lord, we didn't need this one!" It makes me feel better, lol.