January 8, 2015

Aldi Thursday Scores

Just ran to Aldi and got some awesome deals!

  • Meat Special Buy: 3 lb ground turkey for $5.99 - bought 3 of them (froze 2 and 1 is in the refrigerator.)  The Plan:
    • Cook up the one in the refrigerator and freeze in 1 pound portions
    • At some point use 1 to make a large batch of meatballs
    • At some point make a large batch of hamburgers for dinner and leftovers for the week.
  • Cinnamon Twists - 2 bags for $.49 each.  Originally $.89 each. These remind me of the cinnamon twists they have at taco bell.
  • 2 Snowman Rice Krispie Treat Sets - $1.25 each.  Each set makes 3 snowmen and comes with candies to decorate them with. I think these were originally $4.99 each but were marked down since its after Christmas.  Considering it's freezing here and snow is on the ground, I figured this would be a fun activity with the girls.
  • Littlest Pet Shop Toy - $4.99 Originally $14.99.  This will be Big R's valentines gift.  We give each of our girls a gift for Valentine's.  My mom always gave me something on Valentine's and I like that tradition.
  • 2 Micky Mouse Holiday Brownie Baking Sets - $1.99 each.  I think these were either $5.99 or $7.99.  Either way, it was a good deal and the brownie mix doesn't expire until July 2016.  I'll save these for next winter as either a gift or a fun activity to do with the girls.
  • Pop-tarts - $1.49 per box just because they have holiday pictures on them.  My girls love Pop-tarts so I bought 3 boxes of these.
All of this plus our normal stuff we needed came to $93.  $9 was for gifts and will come out of our extra spending money.  I had $81 left in the food budget and spent $84 on food.  So I was $3 over budget. Not too bad plus I stocked up on a few items.

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