November 17, 2014

What's Cooking this Week

I'm home from work today.  Little R has a stomach bug and was up most of the night.  Luckily Mr. R was home last night and he stayed up with her.  But now he needs to sleep so he can work tonight so I took a vacation day.

I made a triple batch of pumpkin pancakes this morning.  I'll be freezing most of them and leaving enough for breakfast the next couple days in the fridge.

In the crock pot is an 8.5 pound pork roast that will be made into bbq pulled pork for sandwiches.  When its done cooking, I'll shred it and serve with buns for dinner tonight.  Plus there should be plenty for leftovers this week and to freeze enough for 2 more dinners.

Tuesday - Crock pot full of black beans, freeze portions for later dinners.  Serve black beans with rice and kielbasa.
Wednesday - Leftover beans and rice and pulled pork
Thursday - Baked Chicken, Baked Potatoes
Friday -  Leftovers

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