November 9, 2014

Food: Eating out and Grocery Shopping

Mr. R was off Friday and we wanted to do something.  We decided to take the girls out to dinner at a local restaurant that we really like.  We rarely eat out anymore so even the girls were excited to go.  The restaurant is about a 3 minute walk from our house so we walked instead of driving.  The girls thought this was fun, a little cold, but fun.  Especially since it was already dark out for the walk home.  Big R kept trying to make zombie noises and then pretend it wasn't her to scare Little R.  I don't think Little R even noticed though.

The girls split a kids meal.  I got fish tacos and Mr. R got a dozen wings. We also had onion rings as an appetizer as this place makes the BEST onion rings ever.  Mr. R and I each had 1 beer with our dinners since we walked and didn't have to drive.  Total spent with tip was $52.

My plan is to really watch our grocery spending the next 2 weeks to make up for this 1 expensive meal.   $52 is about half our weekly grocery budget.  I budget $225 every 2 weeks.

Mr. R baked 3 pounds of chicken breast yesterday and I am doing a baking session this morning.  Little R helped me make a lasagna using up the last of the cottage cheese and spaghetti sauce.  Also baking in the oven is an acorn squash and 6 potatoes.  We'll have plenty of leftovers the next couple of days.

In the freezer, we have a large pack of pork chops that I got for half price at Aldi last week.  I plan on baking those later in the week with cream of mushroom soup and serving with mashed potatoes.  I figure I'll just need to buy for about 3 more dinners this week.  I'm going to clean out the cupboards and refrigerator, take an inventory of what we have, and make a list.  Hopefully, I can make myself stick to it.

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