November 9, 2014

The Plan

I took inventory of everything we had in the cupboards, freezer and refrigerator.  I have a list to take with me to the store this afternoon.  We have a birthday party to go to at 1pm,  then shopping.

Dinner today - Lasagna or Baked Chicken with baked potatoes
Monday - Leftover lasagna or chicken
Tuesday - Crock Pot Ham and Scalloped Potatoes -  need to purchase ham, onions, cheddar
Wednesday - Teriyaki Pork Chops with veggies
Thursday - Leftovers of above and/or Chili (from freezer)
Friday - Crock Pot Kielbasa, Beans and Rice - Need to buy Keilbasa and black beans, I have a small amount of pinto beans to use up that I'll mix in with this and lots of brown rice on hand
Saturday - ??Leftovers??

Other than those couple items I need to finish off dinners, I just need to buy the regular items.

Milk, bread, yogurt, chips for lunches, apples, bananas and salad ingredients for me.

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