November 7, 2014

Friday Financials: Under Budget Edition

This has been a good couple weeks for the budget.  We had money leftover in a few different budget items:
  • $10 left in grocery budget
  • $75 left in Gas budget
  • Water bill came in $14 under budget for both our house and our rental: total savings $28
  • Electric Bill was $54 less than what I budgeted
  • Mortgage payment dropped from $505 to $489, taxes must have decreased. That doesn't happen very often!
This money will come in handy because we did have a couple extra expenses pop up:
  • Big R ripped out a spacer eating dots on Halloween.  She had to go to the dentist to have it replaced. Not sure what our portion of this will be.
  • I have a small cavity that will be filled next week.  Our portion will be $27
  • Mr. R's car tags need renewed - $50
And I'm going to add $40 to our electric savings for when the electric bill increases.  So far I have been really happy getting off the electric budget.  Our budget payment just kept going up and up even though our usage was down.  It didn't make sense.  I like have more visibility to know I'm paying for exactly what we are using.  The budget statements were too confusing and no one could ever explain the charges to me.

Out of our Rental Income, I set $60 aside for Bumper Bowling League for November and added:
  • $100 to our home repair fund
  • $30 to rental unit insurance savings (paid annually)
I was able to add $341 to our 2014 $12,000 savings challenge!

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