October 6, 2014

Friday Financials

I started this on Friday but never posted it.  I don't know what's wrong with me.  I think its just the weather getting colder and it getting dark earlier but I am so unmotivated lately.
  • Both Water Bills (our condo and rental) came in under budget. 
  • Electric Bill also went down a little this month.
  • Finally transferred the $1226 in cash sitting in my sharebuilder account to my bank account. Keeping $226 for myself as I've done a bit of shopping lately.  The remaining $1000 will go into a cd.  Goal for this week: Open a Cd.
    • Things I've been spending money on for myself this week:
      • Payless sent me a birthday coupon (my birthday isn't until December) for 25% off with no restrictions.  I purchased 4 pairs of sandals, 2 pairs of flats and a pair of boots for about $80.  Not bad for 7 pairs of shoes.  I need to clean out a lot of shoes that are looking worn out or that I don't really wear before these new shoes arrive or else Mr. R will be complaining.
      • I'm taking the girls to a princess party at the Melting Pot.  My mom, grandma, step-sister-in-law and her daughters are all go.  It's going to be so much fun and I love the Melting Pot.  I'm budgeting $75 for this.
      • Cardigans.   I wear these a lot for work and most of mine were looking really worn out.  I picked out 4 on Target's website.  Most were on clearance and I get 5% discount and free shipping for using my red card.  Total was $55.
  • We still have $37 in the food budget and Mr. R just went to the store today.  My goal is to not buy anything else food wise this week so that we can add that $37 to savings.


  1. Funny, Payless sent a coupon to my husband for his Birthday too, and it's in May :)

  2. Great deal from Payless! I need to sign up for my birthday too.

  3. Is your Melting Pot a pizza place??? The one I know near my job has great pizza.