September 28, 2014

Home Repair Costs: New Sliding Glass Door

We finally did it!  We ordered our new sliding glass door.  After having trouble getting different people to call us back for the installation, we decided to just pay for the installation through Lowe's.

I was disappointed to learn that Giant Eagle doesn't sell the Lowe's gift cards anymore at the store.  I wanted to get all the fuel perks.  But Lowe's had an offer if we signed up for a credit card we get a 10% discount.

Something happened when the cashier was ringing up my order and setting up my credit card account.  They thought I didn't get the 10% off.  But then customer service wasn't sure if I did get it or not.  Apparently the 10% doesn't come off of the labor.  The woman at Customer Service gave us an extra 5% off since it took them quite a bit of time to try to figure this all out.

After reviewing the receipt, I don't think we got any extra discount.  It looks like the credit card automatically gave us a 5% discount and then she applied another 5%.  If anything, we ended up paying a little more than we should have because the 10% should have been deducted on the original total instead of another 5% discount off of the already 5% discounted price.

Total for door, materials and installation after discounts: $1159
We had $1250 in our repair fund.  Now it will be down to: $91

It will be so nice to have a new door that opens and closes easily.  Plus it should cut back on wasted electricity this winter.  The door we have now has a small gap where it doesn't shut all the way and cold air gets in.


  1. We have had a sliding glass door and it is amazing. It makes getting outside to our deck so much nicer than having a door would. It allows for us to see outside as well as appreciate out backyard without ever taking a step outside. I think that it was a great addition when we installed our deck.

  2. Hi. That's too bad about the discount. I have heard that Lowe's gives discounts to vets too. But having something that works better and saves you money in the long run is priceless. I want to do some repairs of my house too, but I haven't had the time to do it. Have a nice day!

    Lynne Hollaran @ Suburban Glass Service, Inc.