August 15, 2014

Friday Financials

Woohoo!  Finally able to put some money towards our savings challenge.  I'll be transferring $300 to savings today, $100 for each of our goals and adding $20 to each of the girls savings accounts.

Here's where we are at for our 2014 Savings Challenge:

  • Goal 1: Add $4,000 to Emergency Fund.  Total Saved so far: $1895
  • Goal 2: Save $4,000 to New Car/Car Repair Fund.  Total Saved so far: $1898
  • Goal 3: Save $4,000 towards Vacations.  Total Saved so far: $1950
Not sure if we are going to make our goals this year, but we're gonna keep trying!


  1. Hey, you are almost 50% to each goal and we are only mid August so still doable. Do either of you have any 3 paycheck months still to come for 2014? Those might be the difference between making it or not.....

    In my book ANY money you can put aside is still a win, ya know? 8-)

    1. We both have a three paycheck month this month but that is what we use to pay for Christmas. We will be able to add some to savings though and my husband picked up some extra hours this month that will help. I'm not giving up yet.

  2. wow! I have managed to get some cash in my savings for the past few months in a row. I'm excited.