June 13, 2014

Taking Some Online Classes

I'm so excited.  I'm one of those nerds that loved school.  The beginning of each semester was so exciting and I would spend tons of time selecting what classes I wanted to take and messing around with my schedule.  I love buying new notebooks and pens and writing in my new notebooks for the first time.

I've been watching out for job openings in my area and have realized there are some skills that I should work on to make myself more marketable.  I really don't want to leave my job but I want to be prepared if I have to.  The company has already gone through 2 rounds of lay offs and rumors of a 3rd round are circulating.

So I signed up for 2 classes that start on Wednesday through a local college. They are six weeks long.  I'll be taking Intro to Indesign CS5 and Creating web pages.  I can't wait to get started.  The classes cost me $119 each.  I took a programming course through them last year and it was really hard, but I definitely felt like I learned a lot and got my money's worth.  Unlike an online e-marketing course that I took through a different company that was so easy, I didn't even need to read all the info.  Plus I found mistakes on their tests and they never got around to fixing them.  Just sent me a letter of completion.

So anyways, I know these classes will be good info and look great on my resume.

Some other classes that I plan to be taking soon:

  • More Indesign classes
  • Photoshop classes
  • Intermediate and Advanced Excel
  • Advanced web pages
  • Achieving top search engine positions
I want to take two courses at a time for a while to bulk up my resume some.  I asked to get Indesign added to my laptop at work and I was given both Indesign and photoshop! That saves me some money since I won't have to pay for a subscription for the programs at home. 


  1. What a nice way to get some more education. Those classes will look great on a resume. I hope the third round of layoffs misses you. It's very important to make your self marketable for more opportunities. I'm sure it's a stressful time not knowing. But I think you are doing yourself a great service!!

  2. I have friends who lost jobs due to no fault of their own. When I suggested taking similar courses to enable them to be prepared for a new job, they laughed at me. It seems their 30-year-old BA will be enough. Yet, 6 yrs later, they are still unemployed or underemployed. Thankfully, they were almost retirement age. However, they are frustrated with the inability to find work commensurate with their education, abilities, and experience.

    Some of the certifications are absolutely free, so money for the courses is not always the problem.

    It's great you are looking ahead.