June 15, 2014

Strawberry Picking Saturday

We took the girls Strawberry Picking at Sunny Slope Orchard in Navarre on Saturday.

Pick Your Own Strawberries

strawberry picking
At Sunny Slope Orchard
It was a nice drive down to the Orchard and the girls were really excited to be able to pick their own strawberries.
When we entered the store, we were given buckets to use to put the strawberries in.  The cost was $12 per bucket full of strawberries.  It took about 1/2 an hour of picking to fill 2 buckets.  My husband and I did the most picking.  The girls were happy to just walk through the rows of strawberries and every once in a while find the perfect strawberry to pick.
Strawberry3I had to show our youngest daughter how to pick them from the stem.  After her first attempt resulted in a squished strawberry in her hand, she didn't want to pick any more.  But eventually she got the hang of it.

The Store

They have a nice store at Sunny Slope Orchard.  We went a little shopping crazy.  They had huge nice looking apples for only $.75 per pound and bananas for $.45 per pound.  We also bought some beef jerkey, licorice, nuts, pickles, sweet pepper relish and pop corn that will be used for Father's Day gifts today.  The girls also picked out some candy and I bought a small plate of mixed cheese cubes to snack on in the car on the way home.
$65 worth of yummy goodies and Father's Day Gifts.
There were also tons of baked goods.  I bought a pack of pumpkin donut holes marked down to $1 for the girls' breakfast this morning.  They were really good.
We had a great time strawberry picking.  The girls got to see how the strawberries grow and where they come from and for $12 per bucket it was entertaining, educational and we have tons of strawberries to eat as a result.

Strawberry Picking: What to do with all those strawberries

We've been eating strawberries like crazy.  Some with our breakfast, some with our lunch, as a snack watching tv.
I froze some of them for use later in smoothies or baking.  Make an easy strawberry smoothie by adding a single serve strawberry yogurt cup and some frozen strawberries in a blender.  Blend.  If it's too thick, add some milk until to get to the desired consistency.
I'm planning on making a double batch of strawberry muffins for breakfasts.
And, we'll be trying this easy strawberry jam recipe.


  1. I love activities like that. Plus, homegrown strawberries taste so much better than those commercially grown. Sounds like it was a very fun day!

  2. How fun!! I wish we had a place where we could pick berries as a family. They are delicious when they don't grow in Walmart...