June 11, 2014

Spending Updates - school clothes, day care and father's day

Let's Start with the Good Savings News:  I got the July Daycare bill and it is $810 again.  I had been worried about the increased cost of day care this summer since we are paying for 2 kids, 3 days a week but I think we can cover it with our normal budget.  I had an extra $332 set aside for Summer Day care in our savings account.  That money will be moved over to our 2014 Savings Challenge money.

In other news:

  • Little R has pink eye.  Took her to the doctor on Monday and got prescription drops.  She's starting to look better now and was able to go to school today.  Cost of co-pay and prescription $24 out of monthly "extra expenses" budget
  • While at Target picking up Little R's prescription, I found jeans and sweaters in Big R's size at 70% Off!  I purchased 3 pairs of jeans for $4 and some change each and two really cute cardigans for $5 each.  I also got Little R a pair of pink leggings on clearance.  Total spent was only $30.  I know I shouldn't be spending money right now with the uncertainty at my job.  But for the same price as a brand new pair of jeans at regular price, I got 6 pieces of school clothing out of the way for the fall.
  • I forgot to get my dad something for father's day.  I looked around online and found these two funny star trek kitchen items on clearance plus an extra 20% off with coupon code at thinkgeek.com.  I paid for faster shipping to get it to him by Father's Day and my total was only $31.  They are kind of goofy gifts but my dad is so so hard to buy for especially since I only see once ever couple years.  I don't know what restaurants they go to, what they have or don't, or really any of their hobbies.  But I know my dad cooks awesome pizza and likes star trek.  And hey, it's the thought that counts right?!
    Star Trek Pizza Cutter

    Spock Oven Mitt

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