June 24, 2014

Cleaning out the change jar - Savings Challenge

I went through the change jar and was able to roll $15 worth of change.  I do this every couple of months.  The $15 will be added to our 2014 savings challenge of saving $12,000 this year.  The goal is to save $4,000 each to add to our emergency fund, vacation fund, and new car fund.  Here's what we have so far:

EF 4000 1747
Vacation 4000 1800
Car Fund 4000 1745

Total Saved - $5292


  1. You are doing great on your savings!

  2. More than halfway there and June isn't over yet....kudos!

  3. That's pretty good! I end up losing loose change these days more than I save them. Saddest thing is that I don't even have $10 in coins, which is the min for an Amazon giftcard at the coinstar at the grocery store. Ha.