June 25, 2014

Money Lesson for a Second Grader

Big R lost a school library book.  I didn't find out about this until the second to last day of school.  We looked every where and haven't found it.  The book is called "Unicorn Dreams, Silver Lake Fairy School".  I told Big R that she will have to pay for the replacement book out of her change jar.

If we just pay for the book, we will have to pay the school $8.99.  I found it on Barnes and Noble for $4.49 but with shipping, it's still over $8.00.  Unless I spend over $25 then we would get free shipping.  But I don't think there are any other books I plan on buying now.

Big R received a dollar from the tooth fairy the other night.  After carrying it around all morning, I told her to go put it in her pickle jar (it's where she keeps her money).  She looked at me and said, "I don't want to.  That money is for the book I lost and I don't want to use this dollar for that."

Smart girl as we haven't discussed the book in a couple weeks.  But lesson learned, she needs to take care of her library books.  In the end, the dollar went in the pickle jar and will be put towards paying off her library balance.


  1. Good for her. It helps to learn early and be able to apply new concepts. I wish my DH would learn LOL.

  2. Hehe, way to go. That's great she understands the value of replacing things that aren't theirs. It's very cute that she didn't want to put her toothfairy money in with the lot, haha. Maybe it's time to upgrade her to 2 jars?