June 23, 2014

Sometimes I need a reminder...

At how fortunate we are.  Last night I was sad because I cracked my nook's screen.  Such a little thing.

I received a phone call about my friend who has been really struggling lately. She's had all kinds of health problems.  She fell in her bathroom.  Her hip is broken, broken leg, more broken vertebrae and broken ribs.  She needs emergency surgery but her health is so bad and her breathing not good enough that they won't do surgery.  I spent the morning at the hospital with her parents.

I can't imagine the pain my friend is in.  She's gone through so much and she still has so much faith.  I don't think I could be that strong.

It really makes me feel like I take so much for granted.  My girls are healthy and happy, Mr. R and I are both healthy.  We are so fortunate in so many ways.

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  1. Indeed. People live in such a manner every day, everywhere. Makes our complaints seem insignificant. Hope she feels better soon.