May 26, 2014

To stock up or not...

I have the hardest time telling myself "no" to a good deal.  Especially when it comes to groceries.  I already spent my grocery money for the week at Aldi.

Acme has coke 12 packs 4 for $10 and Food Club 2 liters for $.50 each.  We buy both of these on a regular basis.

I also received an Ollie's coupon in the mail for 15% off entire purchase.  Ollie's is great for kids' gifts.  They have tons of children's books, games and toys.  I can usually find great deals on juice boxes, cereal and snack items like fruit snacks, granola bars, etc.  Plus we have a baby shower to go to next week and I can usually find name brand baby shampoos, body wash and lotion.

The problem is, when I have one of these 15% off coupons, I end up spending $50 easy.  It's so hard to tell myself no when everything seems so cheap.

I think this is one of my biggest struggles with our budget.  I feel like a failure when I go over budget but since I know we can afford to go over budget I can't seem to tell myself "no".


  1. Use these two examples as an experiment! Just say no and see how good you'll feel when you hit your targeted budget.

    Heather near Atlanta

    1. I'm going to resist going to Acme. We have plenty of pop on hand now. If I just stay out of the store, I should be ok. But I don't know if I can resist going to Ollies. That store is just so much fun.