May 26, 2014

I'm a baby shower gift snob

Snob's not really the right word but I can't think of a better one.  I don't care about name brands or how much a gift costs, but the practicality of most gifts on baby registries just irks me.  And I know I was guilty of registering for a whole bunch of crap that wasn't needed when I was pregnant with my first daughter.  And looking back there was a lot of stuff that we barely used because it wasn't practical at all.

I had 3 baby showers and people were so generous.  My family threw us a shower, my work threw us a shower, and my husbands work threw us a shower. A lot of the stuff we got, we only used once. So much money wasted.

We have a baby shower coming up for a relative.  She's in her early 20's, not with the father of the baby, can't support herself and she got pregnant on purpose.

I have a really hard time not being judgmental.  As you can see by the paragraph above.

Looking at her registries, I have a hard time shopping for her.  Normally, I would only spend about $30 on a gift for a baby shower.  Mr. R and I decided to spend a little more this time to try to get her something she really needs.  But the majority of things she registered for seem so stupid to me.

Mr. R wanted to purchase a car seat off 1 of the 3 registries that this relative has set up.  She has a travel system on her registry plus 2 other infant car seats all at different stores.  This person doesn't even have a car.  I get she'll need a car seat but not 3.

Here's what I ended up purchasing for her:

  • bouncy seat from target off her registry 
  • large box of up & up diapers 
  • a large box of up & up wipes (If my kids didn't get name brand diapers, there's no way I feel obligated to purchase name brand diapers for some one else.) 
  • diaper cream 
  • teether (with a $5 off coupon code, the teether was less than a dollar).
Total was $64.  If I find some good baby lotion or shampoo at Ollies, I might add a couple bottles to this if I can get a good deal.

I really wanted to purchase more from her registries but I just couldn't make myself do it.  I figure there are only a few important things to have for a first time mom, especially one that doesn't have the means to support herself.
  1. a safe place for baby to sleep: crib or pack-n-play
  2. stroller
  3. car seat
  4. diapers, wipes, diaper cream
  5. a bouncer or swing (not necessary but makes life easier)
  6. bottles and pump if mom will be working outside the home


  1. And other than car seat, almost everything could be bought used. I think, you did great! She will have to take responsibility for this baby, whether she likes it or not. And most of the first-time Moms have no idea what to register for. I had so much junk on my list but back then all of those things sounded like necessities.

  2. She will just probably take back the diapers and get something else. About 30 people were forced by our acquaintance with the grandmother to go to a baby shower for a young mother who had no intention of ever being with the father again. She was going to travel on a bus with the things she got. ???

    I imagine the gift registries can be seductive when you don't know what you are doing and a friend or two goes along to "help.".

    Three car seats is bizarre. Why?