May 23, 2014

Friday Financials

  • Decided against purchasing a pool membership for Big R.  I had $65 set aside for this.  If her day camp goes once a week for 12 weeks, it will only cost us $60 and usually there are a couple rainy days that they don't end up going.  That $65 will go towards renewing Mr. R's nursing license which is due by July 1st or else it almost doubles in price.
  • Got the June Daycare/Day camp bill, total is $810 for both girls to go 3 days a week.  We will pay the $5 swimming fee out of our weekly budget whenever the day camp takes Big R to the pool.  I set aside $332 over the last couple of months to help pay for the increased child care costs over the Summer but we are able to cover the June bill without having to dip into the extra savings.
  • Added $75 to each of our savings goals: EF, Car Fund, Vacation Fund, bringing the total amount saved to $4735.  The goal is to save $12,000 this year.
  • Paid $105 for both the girls to take gymnastics.  My mom usually pays for Big R's gymnastics which always makes me feel bad.  It's not like we can't afford it but my mom is very generous and wanted to pay for and take Big R to her lessons.  I paid for both girls for the next session to give my mom a break.
  • Added $20 to each of the girls' savings accounts.

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  1. I didn't know your DH is a nurse. It's cool that more men are into nursing. It was always presented as a "female" career choice back in the early years of nursing. Does he enjoy his work?