May 20, 2014

Yay! Got the Children's Dentist Bill and challenge updates

I'm so pathetic.  I've been anxiously awaiting this bill.  I had close to $250 set aside in anticipation for it.  Based off of what the insurance sent us, I figured we would owe at least $200.  But the dentist must have discounted some of the charges because our total was only $13.40!!!!

I even asked them to double check at the Dentist and they confirmed that was all we owed!

Woohoo!  The extra money will pay for the major amount that I went over the grocery budget this week.  Aldi had tons of good stuff on mark down and then today at Acme they had some great deals on Pepsi (4 - 12pks for $11), Paper Towels (8 roll packs - 2 for $7.98), Sweet Baby Ray's Marinades and BBQ Sauce ($1 each) and Kraft Salad Dressings ($1).  I had to stock up. I have such a hard time passing up a deal.  But there's always more deals out there so I feel like I never get ahead.

$65 is being set aside for Big R's pool membership.  I have to figure out if it makes sense to buy the membership or just pay the $5 per visit.  Her Summer Camp takes the kids once a week to the pool and Mr. R will take her once or twice.  I don't like going.  Too many kids.  I'd rather relax in my mom's pool.

$122 is being added to our savings goals, plus the extra $317 that is in our savings that I never figured out what it was for.

Here's the updated totals for our 2014 $12,000 Savings Challenge:

  • Vacation Fund $1530
  • Emergency Fund $1490
  • Car Fund $1490
Total Savings for 2014 Challenge - $4510, still need to save $7490


  1. That's incredible! $13?!! That's better than me thinking I'd have to pay $1000 for my wisdom teeth and only ended up paying $330!