May 27, 2014

Camping Food Ideas??

We'll be going camping this weekend for 2 nights.  We camp in a tent and will have the fire pit to cook food on.  I'm borrowing some hot dog skewers from my sister to roast hot dogs and marshmallows.  Any other ideas of food that could be made over an open fire?

Any ideas for breakfasts besides donuts or muffins?  My husband likes more substantial meals than that.  We probably will eat at the campground restaurant once but I'd like to avoid eating there every day.


  1. Hi there. When we go camping we usually bring all our own food too and try not to eat out at all. We bring the long grill rack from our BBQ grill at home and put it across the top of the fire pit so we can lay food on top to cook- round ones work too if they are big enough. If you don't have one of these racks I think maybe you can use a cookie cooling rack instead if you have one- just an idea. For breakfast foods we fill little baggies with a bowl's amount of various cereal, granola bars, pop tarts, cereal bars, coffee cake, eggs and bacon to cook over the fire, packets of instant oatmeal (the just add hot water kind), or pancakes (made at home- just heat over the fire for a minute.) I also make a bowl of fruit salad or cut up fruit to bring along and keep in the cooler for breakfast and snacking. We wing it for lunch- usually sandwiches made with whatever we have- PB &J, cold cuts, etc. For dinner we make foil packets of food at home (meat and veggies) and bring with us to cook over the fire (tons of recipes online for these kind of packets), hot dogs, burgers, sausages, kielbasa, etc. You can also make containers of sauce and meatballs (for sandwiches) or chili, sloppy joe mix or soup at home and pour in a pot to reheat while camping. The rack makes it more like cooking on the stove or grill at home. To drink we bring gallons of water, juice boxes, hot cocoa packets, coffee (we have a little metal percolator), tea bags, etc. All cold stuff we keep in the cooler for days and just keep replenishing the ice when we have to. As for snacks- the choices are unlimited. We also make sure to bring condiments- salt, pepper, sugar, ketchup packets, mustard packets, etc. We go camping in a few weeks and we cant wait!! Have fun!!

  2. You can make scrambled eggs or omelets in a heavy duty Ziploc it.

  3. I had some good ideas but then I read what Dawn wrote and I don't have anything to add. She pretty much covered it :)

  4. Thanks for all the ideas. I did read online how to make bacon and eggs in a paper lunch sack over the fire. That seems interesting although I would probably catch the bag on fire.

    I never thought about taking our grill rack from home. That will make cooking a lot easier. I'm going to try the foil pouches to make breakfast one morning. Eggs, sausage, potatoes and cheese. Also, I'm going to have potatoes and corn ready to go, washed and wrapped in foil to cook over the fire. Oh and a friend from work is letting me borrow two pie things. She said we can cook pizza over the fire with them. The girls and Mr. R should like that!