May 29, 2014

Camping Expenses vs. Budget

Camping Expenses

  • Campground Fee $45 for 2 nights
  • Air Mattress $25
  • Food - $57
  • Misc: $13 - sparklers, bubbles, batteries, foil
  • Spending Money: $50 for firewood, ice cream at the concession stand, misc. spending, worms for fishing

Total - $190

My goal was to only spend $200 and so far we are under budget.  I think we'll need to pick up a couple more packs of batteries for flashlights but we should definitely be able to not go over the $200 budget.

The campground fee includes unlimited use of miniature golf, water park at the lake, fishing, kayaking, playground, indoor pool and hiking trails.  Plus they have an activity barn with crafts for the kids and face painting (not sure if this will cost extra), live music by the lake during the day, karaoke one night and a family sports event Friday evening.

We've packed a Frisbee, jump ropes, bubbles, sparklers, books, portable DVD player to watch Frozen, a large ball and our nooks.  So we should have plenty to do to keep us busy without spending much extra money.

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