June 1, 2014

Back from Camping... Budget Busted

We had a great time but I'm glad to be back home to our bed, bathrooms and showers.  A mandatory family nap will be happening in about an hour.

We cooked on the fire a lot.  Friday night was hot dogs, corn on the cob and smores, Saturday morning I made egg and cheese sandwiches and an egg and cheese omelet over the fire in the pie irons I borrowed.  Saturday night we made smores right before bed.  Lunch and an early dinner yesterday were sandwiches, macaroni salad, grapes, chips and dip, etc.

Beautiful weather made this camping weekend great.  We swam in the lake and then in the indoor pool yesterday, competed in a miniature golf tournament in which I came in second place and Mr. R came in 3rd, played family sports, and danced to the dj, Mr. R did lots of fishing.


  • Way over bought on firewood.  Spent $22 on 3 bundles of wood and worms for fishing. (storing left over wood in the garage for next time.)
  • $12.00 for four ice cream bars
  • $9 car wash for the van, it was a mess!
  • Charged about $65 to credit card for the restaurant/pub.  Oops!  We went to watch Karaoke on Friday night.  I got Mr. R to get up and sing.  But it was in the restaurant/bar so we bought a couple drinks, the girls got some pop and we shared an appetizer.  Then Saturday night, we decided to have a late dinner at the restaurant across from where the dj was playing.
  • $14 at McDonalds this morning for breakfast

That's about it.  We probably spent an extra $50.  I'll be taking it out of our vacation fund.  Total spent for camping trip was around $250.

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